synonyms: specified fixed settled set agreed declared designated laid down express voice utter put into words declare affirm assert announce make knownput across/over communicate air reveal disclose divulge proclaim present expound phối out set down come out with
It begins with the bass stating the melody & features a shifting arrangement that allows everyone a chance to solo.

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Dưới đây là những chủng loại câu tất cả chứa trường đoản cú "stated", trong cỗ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo rất nhiều mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong trường hợp cần để câu với trường đoản cú stated, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh áp dụng từ stated trong bộ từ điển từ điển giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. As was stated above ...

2. These preferences are temperately stated.

3. He stated his problem clearly.

4. She stated her intentions unequivocally.

5. They stated: ‘Banning is banned’.

6. Vì not exceed the stated dose .

7. The parallels are stated, not reasoned.

8. These facts were nowhere explicitly stated.

9. Second, the angel stated: “Fear God.”

10. 5 of the stated value.

11. Your admission khổng lồ the stated charges.

12. Jackson stated, "I love working quickly.

13. You must work the hours stated.

14. He stated his amiralmomenin.netews lớn me.

15. All were noble goals, nobly stated.

16. The contract was stated to lớn be invalid.

17. "Our relationship is totally platonic," she stated.

18. All being ordinary shares except otherwise stated.

19. Scripture Actiamiralmomenin.netty: Identifying Stated Doctrine và Principles

20. "Alcohol doesn"t solve problems,"she stated flatly.

21. You must arrive at the time stated.

22. The prices stated include advance booking fees.

23. He has stated his mother is Cherokee.

24. He stated his own amiralmomenin.netews quite openly.

25. Darwin stated that the species originate by descent.

26. The main contents can be stated as follows.

27. Simply stated, the sentence would be too heavy.

28. This is not one of their stated aims.

29. Stated in another way, autosuggestion is self - suggestion.

30. As already stated, this actually happened in Hungary.

31. Jesus stated: “Pay back Caesar’s things khổng lồ Caesar”

32. They stated the diamond to have been stolen.

33. Rule 702 , which concerns admissibility , it is stated.

34. 1856 – Louis Pasteur stated that microorganisms produce fermentation.

35. 9 You must arrive at the time stated.

36. I have stated I will not amiralmomenin.netctimize anybody.

37. The facts are clearly stated in the report.

38. The demands are more easily stated than met.

39. Hume"s sceptical argument has been stated very schematically.

40. One official quoted in the report stated, "All amiralmomenin.netctims have been stated in the PM reports to lớn have died of multiple injuries.

41. He also stated that Sajida "is undergoing medical treatment".

42. Carefully evaluate what is stated there & apply it.

43. 6 As stated earlier, keep in mind your destination.

44. All photographs are by the tác giả unless otherwise stated.

45. 16 Darwin stated that the species originate by descent.

46. PS: Thank you thủ thuật the producers, và Translations stated.

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47. Occupation policy had two stated objectives: demilitarization và democratization.