I think this campaign is a misdirection of energy. There are lot of other issues that are more important right now.

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the action of making people pay attention lớn the wrong thing, usually intentionally so that they will not notice something else:

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Within the last few generations, information theory has shown us how to escape the misdirection of copying theory.
These removed more layers of ambiguity và misdirection from the larger research effort of understanding the architecture of the design search process.
His strategy of subtle pressure và misdirection served to lớn further his political goals while avoiding the firestorm of popular indignation that would have resulted from a direct chiến dịch of suppression.
In this case an appeal against conviction of making an affray succeeded on the ground of misdirection of the jury and the conviction was quashed.
It is not a question of finding fault with officials; it seems rather to be one of misconception or misdirection at the highest level.
An appeal against alleged misdirections by such bodies, and, indeed, against rent scrutiny boards, may be taken khổng lồ the courts.
Anyone who could say that among 3,000,000 men there was no misdirection of energy would be not only untruthful, but extremely foolish.
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