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In the absence of a vigorous middle class the intelligentsia lacked any effective levers through which khổng lồ bring about change.
Cyprian accepted neither the argument that confessorship eliminates the need for ordination, nor the requirement of vigorous, physical punishment.
In these circumstances, extremely vigorous growth of the seedlings và precocity would be advantageous.
In the current climate the vigorous reiteration of the former approach makes for a welcome corrective, but one not without its problems.
Firstly, he certainly thwarted some papal provisions by taking vigorous action against any bishop involved in the process.
Throughout this period, men were more likely khổng lồ be depicted as vigorous, employed & involved in same-gender friendships & adventure (whether as anh hùng or villain).
One of them was vigorous propaganda and the intensive use of the rhetoric of urban modernity in defence of the scheme.
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