(something that causes) the usually sudden destruction of a person, organization, or government & their loss of power, money, or health:

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something that causes the destruction of a person, organization, or government and that causes a loss of power, money, or health:
More often than not, such internal competition leads khổng lồ the downfall of the organization as allegiances are split và kin unity lost.
The downfall of the chiefs was followed by loss of prestige among their underlings, the village headmen.
This political direction, & the sti-ing of wider debate through the limited publication, was the downfall of the plan.
On the contrary, their petty jealousies & frictions, their incompetence and, eventually, their cowardice greatly contributed khổng lồ its humiliating downfall.
In business, transactions entail substantial risk-taking under uncertainty, which could lead to unbearable losses; in politics, they could lead to political downfalls.
& the darkened tones around it foretell that her lover"s downfall will be linked lớn how he treats this symbolic beast.
Disarmament was and is tied absolutely khổng lồ the issue of security, và this was always likely khổng lồ be its downfall during this period.
Thus, the incompetence of the monarchs of the ancien regimes in managing socio-economic change led to their downfall.
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